Let the Bag do the Talking


Micheal Kors indeed got it right! Accessories are incredibly important for any outfit, and can enhance or completely destroy the look. Owing to the vastness of this realm, let me just concentrate on one piece of accessories for now –the hand bag.
The list of this little piece of your outfit is endless –totes, messenger bags, satchels, backpacks, rucksacks, clutches, purses, slings, jholas –you get the picture. The key is to pair the right bag with the right outfit. Needless to say, clutches work for formal occasions –an evening for drinks, a dinner party. The clutch should not be over-stuffed with things which deform its shape. Remember, your clutch is not your hand-bag. Keep your things to a bare minimum inside and hold it gracefully in your hands, ignoring any handles which might be present on the clutch.


A messenger bag or satchel is your key to a stylish but comfortable and utility-friendly look. It is not only spacious and convenient but also makes a boring outfit quite interesting. Backpacks and rucksacks are your answer to travelling in style. While jholas always inevitably work for kurtas, slings are another multi-purpose category of bags –your go-to accessory every time you are unsure of the outfit.


The images above show a few bags from our collection and check out what more Rehmaan’s have to offer on http://www.rehmaans.com.

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